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When you register as bundle, you also receive e-mail address The .name e-mail address will forward to the e-mail address of your choice. If you choose not to receive e-mail forwarding at this time, you will not be able to add it at a later date.

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  This Section Mandatory for all domain registrations
Read /
I understand and agree that by submitting this form I am creating a work order. Upon submitting the registration order of the above domain name(s) I understand I will be billed per domain name to the credit card below by the Franklin Communications Services for my domain ownership according to the term I selected:
for .name
1 year - $17.95 per domain name;
2 years - $33.95 per domain name;
10 years - $145.95 per domain name;

I understand the above amounts are in US dollars
This charge is for the work order I am creating and is not reversable or refundable.
I understand that the name on my credit card statement for the above will be Franklin Communications Services.
I understand that I must pay for each domain name entered above
I agree to pay the above total amounts according to card issuer agreement.
I understand I will not receive a refund if I mis-order the number of years for the registration term
I understand that I must pay for each domain name entered above
I agree to pay the above total amounts according to card issuer agreement.
I understand I will not receive a refund if I mis-order the number of years for the registration term
I understand that Email Forwarding is an additional service with a .name domain.
I understand that this is an option I do not have to take.
I understand that if I select this additional service option I will pay $12.00 / year / domain name in addition to the cost of the domain name.
  1 year   - US$12.00 per domain name;
  2 years - US$24.00 per domain name;
10 years - US$120.00 per domain name
I agree to pay for this optional additional service if I select it.
I understand that I will not receive a refund if I order this additional service and change my mind later.
I understand that if I do not order email forwarding with my .name domain now, I will not be able to order it later
I agree that I am responsible for the spelling of the domain name(s) I am ordering.
I agree that I have double-checked that the domain name(s) are spelled exactly as I want them.
I understand the order is not reversable after I hit submit.
I understand I will not receive a refund if I mis-spell a domain name
I agree with the terms indicated in the Service Agreement

Register your .name today!

Email for life


It makes life simpler. The only thing anyone needs to remember to get in touch is your name.

Free email forwarding when you register your .name!

It's incredibly accessible. Wherever you are in the world, however often you change jobs or ISPs, you'll be able to receive your email through your .name address.

It could be your universal address. Very soon, you'll be able to use it as your contact address on an array of different devices, including your cellular phone.

Web address for life


It's personal. Whether you use it to show off your holiday photos or as an online portfolio, your .name domain is an easy way to express yourself online.

It's global. It will be a new global standard for personal Web addresses -- in exactly the same way as .com is for business, so you’ll be part of a worldwide family of users.

It's non-commercial. No companies or third parties are mentioned in your domain.

It will develop into a unified 'digital identity'. Soon it could be a secure repository for personal information and a way of shopping online without giving out your financial details.


Domains (gTLDs) are designed to radically increase the availability of personal domains through our 'two dot system'.

Uniquely for a gTLD, .name domains are only issued at the third level and therefore have two dots. This extra dot enables you to share your family name with thousands of others, vastly increasing your chance of using your full name as your web address.

A .name domain can follow either of these formats: or

You can also use your initials or nicknames instead of your first names, or use numbers to create your unique identity.

Click Here to Register your .name today!

Domain Register allows people, on a global basis, to search for available .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .asia, .eu, .am, .ag, .at, .be, .bz, .cc, .ch, .co,,,, .cx, .cz, .de, .fm, .gd, .gs, .hn, .in,,,,,,, .la, .lc, .li, .me, .mn, .mobi, .ms, .mx,,,,, .pl, .sc, .tc, .tv, .tw,,,,,, domain names. We perform a 'whois' in a user-friendly format. Once a desired available domain name is found, Domain Register allows people to order their domain name registration with the InterNIC on-line. This is also called URL registration, web name, website name, custom domain registration, dns registration services, net names registration, internet identity registration, or even sometimes internet business name registration.

Click here to see the list of U.S. States and Countries with which we've done business registering domain names!

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